An Addicting Form of Poker Game

Poker players are always excited when they hear about the card game. DominoQQ is popularly known as Qiu Qiu. Sometimes, it is called as Domino Indo. It is a form of poker that is popular in Indonesia. If you are a beginner on the game, you will find yourself gets hang while on the game. But, once you master it, it could be fun and addicting. The rules of the game need to understand before landing into betting. A better understanding of the gameplay makes the entire game works.

The rules

For the beginners, the game uses 28 double-six dominoes. Indonesia has different dominoes and it is in small cards. Those are thrown away to show weary and play signs. All players usually put a certain amount in the pot. The amount varies depending on where you play; it could be a low or in high bet. After all the players put their bets in the pot, each player will deal with 3 dominoes. Once all the players look at their dominoes, they can make 1 out of the 4 moves.


If there’s no previous better, they can bet. But, if there’s a previous better, they can call, raise, or fold. In the first round, when only one player bets, then that person takes the winning pot. Also, there is no need of showing their hand. If there was more than 1 individual, all who did not fold gets dealt with a 4th card. The final betting round happens once that card is dealt with.

Both rounds have a limit in betting most of the time and the second round has a higher limit. All the players who did not fold need to show their hands at the end of the final round. The player who has the best or highest hand will take the winning pot. Cards will be put into pairs and the pips add together, and the second digit is the only taken. For instance, a total of 23 pips become 3, and a total of 17 pips become 7. With that, 9 is the highest pair that gives the name Domino QQ. 3 hands give a higher score than a pair of 9s, namely:

  • High
  • It has a total pip on 4 dominoes that equal to 38 or higher.
  • Low
  • It has a total pip on 4 dominoes that equal to 9 or below.
  • Double
  • It has 4 dominoes with doubles

Players must have a try with this form of poker game.

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