Blackjack: The Origin

Up to this day, people still debate on the truth about the untold origin of the game Blackjack. Nobody is sure where the game came from, not even historians. Blackjack or Twenty-One developed and evolved over the years. Most people consider the game of Baccarat and Roulette to be the star of any casino. But, those with genuine knowledge admit that Blackjack is the real heart of casino games.


In the early 1600s, a book written by Miguel de Cervantes referenced the game of “Twenty-One.” The book, “Ronconete y Cortadillo,” was about gambling cheaters in Seville. It mentioned a game called “Veintiuna,” which is the Spanish equivalent of Twenty-One. In the book, it does not have any tens like the modern game, Spanish Twenty-One. Aces can be worth one point or eleven points.


A similar game originated in French casinos was popular in the early 1700s. The name, “Vingt-et-Un,” came from the French word meaning Twenty-One.

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The Romans were fond of betting. So, there were assumptions that the Roman Empire enjoyed a similar game to Blackjack. There were suggestions that the Romans used wooden blocks with numbers on them, like how you use modern cards today. But, there is no solid proof to support this.

North America

One thing people are sure of is that the French colonists spread the game to North America. In the early 1900s, the rules were different from today. There were more betting rounds throughout each hand. Also, only the Blackjack dealer can double. Although the game spread throughout the North American continent, it was not embraced by many. Bettors consider it a boring game, and they thought the payouts were not worth it. 


Because of the lack of popularity of the game, Nevada casinos decided to offer a particular bet. They wanted to attract more players in 1931. This bet offered a ten to one payout. To claim that, the player should have a 21-point hand consisting of a Black Jack and the Ace of Spades. The name stuck, and most people, even up to now, call the game Blackjack.

By the mid-1990s, the first online casinos started launching. It gave people more access to the game of Blackjack. Several online casino sites, like TS911, began with the classic, traditional version of the game. They add new and exciting variants as time passes by. The game thrilled players for generations and generations. It fired the imagination of both players and non-players. There are thousands of books and movies made about or for Blackjack and its many aspects and facets.

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