Live Dealer Casino

Online casinos with distributors are a new trend in online gambling, and for a long time. There are several reasons for this, and the trend as time deserves to be studied with some attention.

In the end, the house always wins, it is a kind of axiom in the game, no matter what form it takes; the odds are always compared with the individual player, and for the casino it is almost impossible to incur big losses. Even if the person at the table wins, the loss of the casino is reimbursed (and even more) by the losses incurred by other players; and even for an individual player, it is very likely that money won in any game will be lost in another. There is always an element of risk, and in reality this is what makes the game exciting, in the hope that this time he will win, this roll of the dice will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

However, the online game is designed to eliminate this element of risk, and not in favor of the player

The house always wins, in any case, and it becomes absolutely true with the online game, which many old-school players are so afraid of. They refuse to trust repeated statements and demonstrations of the random number generator (RNG) system, but they continue to insist that the machines, the software, are programmed so that the player cannot win. Easy to understand your point of view; in fact, somehow playing against a machine, or rather a bit of incredibly complex programming, seems to be something far more strange and difficult than having a human distributor, although objectively speaking, a distributor can deceive you. Human faces are simply encouraging, and perhaps it hurts the ego less, losing your money in front of a man.

Live Dealer Casino

All m w888th online dealers play with this and provide a human croupier that players can watch while they spin the roulette or deal the cards. This is a great development from the first days when cards or numbers just appear, and even some progress since the era of the game against a three-dimensional animated figure that worked as a distributor.

In conclusion

In addition to the fact that obsolete players simply feel more secure, having at their disposal a person who deals those cards that can earn or break their fortunes, there are other advantages for casinos with live dealers. Most of the attractiveness of gambling is the environment; Of course, no one can deny the fact that glamor, lighting and entertainment on the show represent much of the charm of Las Vegas, for example. Sitting in blackjack online never compares to the excitement of entering a casino, but having a woman in a night suit or a man in a suit is what your dealer definitely adds to the atmosphere.

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